Folks, Yesterday my miracle child turned 5 years old. She was never supposed to survive past birth. I would just like to thank everyone for their support and activity in this cause. Sarah is a level 3 out of 10 on the scale of waiting for a heart transplant,…Read More


Had an accident today and made my heart stop! Gashed her poor little leg down to nearly bone. We called 911 and some very nice firemen came to help stop the bleeding. She ended up with 8 stitches I believe and many goodies from the firemen and the ER! She…Read More


just wanted to say thanks to everyone for giving your time to our cause! Sarah certainly appreciates it! We are considering starting a fundraiser of some sort in order to pay down some of her massive medical debt from her 3 open heart surgeries. If you have…Read More

Club Size

I want to thank everyone for joining and reading a little bit about my angel Sarah--we can reach, teach, affect others if we invite just a few more people to join we can not only be a "Crew" size, but we hopefully reach that someone that has questions or is…Read More
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