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Seven Seas Auction - Bid Today!



Our first "Save Japan Dolphins Seven Seas Auction" is now live! Please visit:

to bid on exciting travel opportunities, gift items and unique experiences arriving just in time for holiday shopping.

The auction will close on December 17. Please ask you friends and families to check out the array of enticing and valuable donations from far different corners of the globe.

Your bids will help raise much-needed funds for the work of Ric O'Barry, featured in the Academy Award–winning documentary, The Cove, and for our Save Japan Dolphins team's work to end the largest dolphin slaughter on the planet.

Check out these rare opportunities and a dozen more offered in this maiden voyage of our online auction:

Oceans of thanks to the many auction donors whose creativity and generosity made this fundraiser possible. Also, thanks to those who solicited donations for some of our most alluring packages.


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