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Link Between India and The Cove = Dolphin Captivity


Even after the debut of the Oscar-winning movie The Cove, featuring dolphin activist Ric O'Barry, dolphins continue to be slaughtered in the small town of Taiji, in Japan. The good news is that the total kills are down, and they have been falling for years - thanks in part to our efforts. 

However, there is another major threat facing dolphins. 

The global captivity industry (including places like SeaWorld and other aquariums featuring dolphins) is a booming one - bringing in billions of dollars worth of profit. The key to their success? Enslaving dolphins and making them perform tricks for unaware tourists. 

In 2011, proposals for dolphinariums began to surface in India. Currently, there is no dolphin captivity in the vast, populous nation. However, the captivity industry is practically drooling over the opportunity to get themselves into this potentially limitless market. If they have their way, many dolphins could be caught from the wild, torn away from their families and homes forever, in order to satisfy the demand for the gregarious, intelligent beings. And the hunters in the Cove would be able to continue their dirty business. 

This year in Taiji, we have been observing that the hunters have been taking many more dolphins into captivity than in previous years. This indicates that there is increasing demand for these dolphins - and this is without India even getting into the game! 

We need your help. We are working towards ensuring that this unethical industry never permeates Indian borders, but we cannot do it without you. Please invite your friends to join this important cause! 

For the Dolphins. 


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