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Vote for Ric O'Barry to Win Support for Dolphins!!


Ric O'Barry is currently in the running to win at least 25,000 Euros from the Celebrity Challenge ( Just last night, he moved into 1st place thanks to an outpouring of support from dedicated dolphin supporters.

We need YOUR help to keep him there! 

Register here and VOTE ( Ric. You can vote once every day, so please put this on your 'to-do' lists! (

The prize money will go directly towards supporting Ric's important work to save dolphins from abuse, exploitation and slaughter. 

Remember: a vote for Ric is a Vote for the Dolphins! Please vote every day! 

We can do this! (

Thanks to all of YOUR votes, Ric has won the celebrity challenge! It was a tough battle, but ultimately your passion for dolphins and your support of Ric's work allowed him to beat out the competition and win some serious dough for the dolphins! 

He is humbled by your support. Many heartfelt Thank Yous to all of you who voted! 

Stay tuned to and for campaign updates. 


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