Pro-Life Amendments Defeated.

 On Wednesday, the Senate Finance Committee’s vote of 10-13 to defeat the Hatch Amendment proved the pro-life community correct: The talk from the White House and the Congressional leadership of avoiding funding of abortions in health care is just that --…Read More

Marriage Symposium tomorrow night

There will be a symposium tomorrow night, 7:30 pm, at the Santa Barabara Church, entitled Marriage, One Man, One Woman, Why? Fr. Frances Waslh, Dr. Ric Eusebio, and myself will be the speakers. There will be a panel Q&A afterwards.

Text of Tim's talk at the Symposium on Marriage, Sept 7, 2009

Media Board

Dear Esperansa Members. I'm not happy withe the way the Media Board handles new articles. It should be showing the newest as they are added, but it doesn't. You have to go to See All and then click on Recently Added. I have put some new articles on the board…Read More

British Doctors Let Premature Baby Die-What we have to look forward to.

London, England ( -- British doctors are coming under fire for letting an unborn child born just before 22 weeks of pregnancy die. The National health Service, the government-run health system that Congress may replicate in legislation in the…Read More

Upcoming Public Hearing

Friends, Thank you to all who joined the Esperansa Cause. There will be a public hearing sometime the 3rd or 4th week of September on Bills 185, 158, & 212. As you know 185 is the domestic partnership bill, 158 is the definition of marriage bill, and 212…Read More

Confucius says...

According to Confucius, "Marriage is the union (of representatives) of two different surnames, in friendship and in love, in order to continue the prosperity of former ages and to produce those who shall preside at the sacrifices of heaven and…Read More
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