Michael Vick launches sports clothing line

Absolute proof that SADISTS can not be rehabilitated

BET's "Sportsman Of The Year" Award goes to Michael Vick "The Coward Dog Torturer"

This award is sponsored by Subway. For some odd reason their customer feedback page is suddenly become "unavailable". I believe you can google "Subway customer feedback" and you'll arrive at your local Subway's page. Here is where you can let Subway know WHY…Read More

The 2011-12 Football Season Approaching - Let's renew our 'Boycott Vick's Sponsors' campaign.

Boycott the NFL AND The Eagles. Review the list of the sponsors: CLICK HERE =-> http://www.stopmichaelvick.com/PG_nfl_sponsors.htm Of Course,, DON'T buy any of their products or services. Package any unused portion of their product and return it to them…Read More

Michael Vick the dog torturer to put on a cover of a popular video game.

That's right! The picture of the most notorius Inter-species sadist in modern history will be put on a popular vidoe game for kids. The only way to stop this is to vote him out. follow this link and vote for the other guy "Peyton Hillis". Today is the last…Read More

Stop Michael Vick NOW!

Come join us in the fight agains Michael Vick "The Dog Torturer".

Obama adds himself to Michael Vick's ignorant / illiterate fan base.

The big push by Michael Vick supporters is "double eged". (a) to have people believe "he did his time",, and (b) he should be forgiven /or given a second chance. (a) It is surprising how few people know the facts in the Michael Vick Case. Everyone thinks he…Read More
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