dedicated to the preservation of Tibetan culture and Buddhism

Gelek Rimpoche's Jewel Heart is an educational and cultural center whose doors are open to all.
It's purpose is to transmit the essence of Tibetan Buddhism in an authentic and accessible way.
Jewel Heart provides guidance and practical methods to anyone interested in spiritual development as well as to those who wish to engage in Buddhist practice.

1. OUR HOME PAGE: http://www.jewelheart.org

2. Jewel Heart is pleased to offer you the opportunity to receive live video webcasts to your computer.

3. CULTURAL ACTIVITIES: http://www.jewelheart.org/about_us/cultural.html

4. HUMANITARIAN ACTIVITIES: http://www.jewelheart.org/about_us/humanitarian.html

5. OUR PROGRAMS: http://www.jewelheart.org/about_us/programs.html