Help raise the last leg of funding needed to open the only human trafficking safe home in Saint Louis, Mo.

The SOLD Project-Saint Louis is partnering with International Crisis Aid by participating in ICA's annual 5k run/walk for FREEDOM.

International Crisis Aid has been rescuing children from sex trafficking since 2000. ICA will use the proceeds from this event to open a home in St. Louis, MO for American children rescued from sex trafficking.

Over 300,000 American children are at risk of trafficking into the sex industry according to the US Dept. of Justice.

There were 63 reported cases of human trafficking in Missouri in 2009 with no where for these victims to go for shelter, education and restoration from this horrible sex crime according to the Human Trafficking in Missouri report.

This is a practical way we can use our common passion and efforts to support a local agency that is creating real change in the lives of the innocent victims here in Saint Louis.

The 5K will be held on Saturday, September 19, 2009, on the campus of Saint Louis University in Saint Louis, Missouri.

Please help me make a difference in a life here locally by sponsoring me in the 5k.

I would like to raise $500.00 that would go directly to helping to open the first human trafficking safe home in Saint Louis, MO.

1. www.crisisaid.org

2. www.thesoldproject.com