'Talk About It' unites everyone to raise awareness about epilepsy, and help end the stigma that has created misunderstanding and discrimination for people living with seizure

Greg Grunberg, star of NBC's "Heroes," in collaboration with the Epilepsy Foundation, created TalkAboutIt.org to help end the misunderstanding and discrimination that impacts the over 50 million people with epilepsy -- including Greg's son -- and their families. TalkAboutIt.org is designed to help educate people about how to recognize a seizure, proper first aid, and create a world-wide conversation about the importance of treating people with epilepsy with understanding and respect.

1. Visit www.TalkAboutIt.org

2. Join Greg Grunberg, father of a child with epilepsy, & all his celebrity friends in making the 'Talk About It Promise' to increase epilepsy awareness.

3. Support the Epilepsy Foundation, Greg Grunberg's Talk About It partner.