NDR is a national network of disaster volunteers who respond to disasters across the US.

NDR Philosophy
NDR believes in a three tiered response in times of disaster:
1 – Locally Centered (the local church responds.)
2 – Regionally Augmented (the local district responds.)
3 – Denominationally Supported (the General Church responds.)

Our core principle is that every church has some capabilities available to respond to their community in times of disaster.

1. To train Nazarenes in local churches how to respond to victims of natural and human-made disasters.

2. To provide both immediate disaster relief and also long term rebuilding efforts to disaster affected areas.

3. To serve need regardless of race or economic status by focusing assistance to poor, elderly, handicapped for long-term relief & reconstruction

4. To recruit volunteers, both those with special skills and others, to meet the needs of persons in disaster situations

5. To cooperate with other agencies and organizations that are active in disaster relief operations