Please help us pursuade Carmarthen Council to revoke the licenses of puppy farms which investigation has shown are breeding unhealthy dogs in unhealthy conditions in breach of the Animal Welfare Bill

Whether or not you particularly like dogs, they are very much a part of our heritage and have been so since mankind first began to live in settlements.

A well bred, well cared for dog is an asset to any community – guide dogs and hearing dogs transform lives, and police dogs, search and rescue dogs and life guard dogs save them on a daily basis.

The family dog also has a very valuable role in our communities if the family understand their pets’ needs and have educated themselves about the natural instincts and behaviour of their chosen breed. When people fail to do this, dogs become a burden and you have problems such as fouling, nuisance barking and aggression.

A responsible breeder or re-homing center will always be careful to ensure that people wanting to take a puppy (or dog) from them is aware of their responsibilities, and will only allow people to take a suitable, healthy dog into their homes.

Unfortunately not all breeders are so careful and don’t take the care to ensure they screen their breeding stock before breeding, and many genetic diseases are very common. Worse still, some breed soley for the want to cash in on a fashion for a particular breed of dog, and as well as lack of physical screening, will not care so much that the dog has a suitable nature. Puppies make pounds!

These recent news broadcasts have highlighted the concern and you can see the conditions that these puppy (pound) making machines are kept in, and how little regard is given to their health or temperament. They show how these puppies are sold to the gullible public in ‘pet supermarkets’, where people are encouraged to choose their pets not on a base of understanding of a breeds characteristics, but physical appeal.

They don’t care that the families may not understand that a guarding breed might terrorise their neighbourhood if not trained appropriately, or that a spitz type breed might drive the neighbours insane with continuous barking - they only care to take the money.

....and these puppies could end up living next door to you.

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