Upcoming parole hearing

In two short months from now, the convicted murderer of Christie Rose Christie (the beautiful girl in the photo for this cause) will be once again up for parole. This hearing comes only one short year after the previous hearing. Allowing this hearing to be so…Read More

Adult child killler set to spend his sentence in a youth facility

Convicted murderer of 13 year old Brayton Bullock was tried and sentenced as an Adult. The Bullock family thought they had finally drawn a close to the years old ordeal they have been facing with the courts, only to find out they now have a new problem to…Read More

Only 9 days to go....PLEASE write your letter today!

There is only nine more days until the parole hearing for convicted killer Omar Junior Johnson. So far, 109 letters have been sent in to oppose his release. I have spoken to the parole board and they have told me that our letters indeed make a difference,…Read More

New Parole Hearing

I have just been informed that Christie Christie's killer has requested for an early parole hearing which will happen on August 6 this year. Given that we only have a few weeks to let the parole board know that we do NOT want a killer released into society, I…Read More

Please sign to have a killer tried as an adult

Sixteen year old Chantele Fetterly's teenage murderer is heading to preliminary hearings in early February and her mother has been told to prepare herself that he may only serve an additional 6 - 9 months because he is protected as a youth offender. Please…Read More

Please sign to get our laws ammended to keep killers in jail forever

http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/our-lax-laws-need-immediate-ammending This is the link, please pass it on and sign to get our laws ammended... We have already PROVED that we are being heard, let's make a change!


WE ONLY HAVE UNTIL 2PM TO GET ALL THE SIGNATURES WE CAN!!! WE ARE STILL 400 AWAY FROM OUR GOAL!!! We all joined this cause because we believe that we need to keep convicted killers OFF our streets! Here is your chance to make a difference! If you haven't…Read More
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