Community Pubs Q&A session Thursday 26 April 2012

If you care about what's happening to pubs and what's going on with your community why not join in tomorrow's Live Q&A about community pubs on the Guardian:

Peaceful March on Parliament Monday 7 December.

If you're around London on Monday try and find time to join in and support pubs everywhere: If it's raining like it has been recently it will, admittedly, be ahem, a challenging time. But whatever it will still be…Read More

A Message of Conciliation to All Tied Tenants

What OFT failed to pick up in pubcos' new Codes of Conduct Dear Tenant Due to the current financial situation caused by the slowdown of the economy, your pubco has decided to implement a phased scheme to put hard working tenants into early retirement. This…Read More

Save The Great British Pub

Thanks for backing Pub Landlords v The Giant Pubcos. I'm the admin for ‘Save The Great British Pub’ now and I'd really appreciate it if you'd sign up there too! It was set up by a friend who can't look after it and it's REALLY taking off! You can easily…Read More

Save the Great British Pub!

This cause has REALLY taken off, with almost 77,000 members today on 4 February 2009. Please take a short time to join if you haven't already Together we can make our pubs better and so make life better for…Read More

The March on Monday went brilliantly and got into 'Over A Barrel'

Last night 'Over A Barrel' was broadcast on BBC Wales. Brillian assessment of the tied pub situation, have a look here: It tells it like it is without any sensationalism and it is…Read More

Make it a Century! INVITATION to a great day out for only £20 all in!

Tomorrow Monday 26 January 2009 come and make HISTORY! NOT SINCE 1908 have publicans got together to protest about conditions in the pub trade. Tomorrow hundreds of licensees and supporters from all over the UK are meeting at Enterprise Inns and Punch…Read More
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