But I'm only one person!

You may be one person, but one person can do a lot. Remember the "if you build it, they will come"? Let me point out a very good case what one person can do. "Celebrating Conservatism" is a group formed in Ravalli Co, MT. It's humble beginnings started with…Read More

Stand Proud!!

I just want to say how thankful I am to be among such patriots as all of you. I thank my God and my fellow Americans that still take pride in Old Glory, and that she so proudly stands against the oppressors in our world. This group of men and women can make a…Read More

A disgrace to Old Glory

This was reported on infowars.com, if you are unfamiliar with it, you need to check it out. Dozens of stories you won't here on CNN or FOX and even if it is reported by them, it' usually a week or two later. CITY OF CLEARWATER FLORIDA CAN NO LONGER AFFORD TO…Read More

Inaugaral Announcement

Rich has asked me to post news and other info that will be of interest and concern to those in this cause/group. I shall endeavor to do my best, and I promise I'll have news they don't broadcast too much over corporate media that you will want to know. Tea…Read More

Thank you all!!

Just a note to say thanks. As you might know this cause is very important to me. I am deeply moved that so many people have joined in such a short time. Please keep this growing by inviting all of your friends to take a look at the purpose of this cause and…Read More

I need your help.

If any of you have ideas regarding the site please share them. Feel free to open topics for discussion and remember---great accomplishments start with great ideas that are carried out by great people! We can make a difference!
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