Bottles for India Praise report!

I dropped off 25 cases (24 pac) of redeemable beer bottles to Temple Redemption in Whitman, thank you Paul for the nice clean bottles and thank you Temple Redemption "guys" for counting them for us during this cold winter weather you guys ROCK!    

Bottles for India, Who we are & what we do ...

I serve the children who live on the streets of Chennai. My passion is for the poorest of poor, the dalits, also known as the "untouchables", the ones that are so dirty they blend into the street. for the children who are forced into prostitution, the wife…Read More

Bottles for India Bottle Drive

A great big THANK YOU goes out to all of you who donated your bottles to Gods Precious Sparrows. We turned in over 7,000 bottles! PRAISE THE LORD FOR HIS FAITHFULNESS TO THE KIDS!!!

Bottles for India Luncheon

Hey fb friends and COAL family, don't forget about the luncheon fundraiser this coming Sunday at Church of Abundant Life, bring your apitite and a desire to bless God's Precious Sparrows. Every $5 we raise feeds 15 hungry kids!

Pasta & Meatballs / Chicken Curry & Rice Luncheon Fundraiser for God's Precious Sparrows

Join us as we continue to raise money towards our upcoming trip to India. The Lord has pressed upon my heart to deliver a birthday party to 250 kids who live on the streets and deep into the villages of Chennai. Many of the kids have never celebrated their…Read More

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Bottles for India .. WOO HOO, we have 350+ tooth paste & tooth brushes to put in the sparrows birthday bag! In Feb we'll bring a huge birthday party to the kids at Faith Christian Church, each child will recieve a new dress, cake & ice cream, candy…Read More

Bottles for India Bake Sale

Raising support for our upcoming trip to Chennai as we deliver a birthday party to 300 of God's Precious Sparrows. if anyone wants to bake, let me know, the trick is to get the "bakers" to be the "buyers" !
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