How many plastic bags do Americans use every year?

How many plastic bags do Americans use every year? Answer this quiz and forward it to friends. For each person that answers the quiz, AT&T will donate money to The Nature Conservancy. Thank…Read More

Now's Our Chance! Urge Leaders to Ban Plastic Bags in California

Plastic waste from coastal states like California is polluting our waterways, coasts and oceans.  Californians use more 19 billion single use plastic bags a year (147,000 tons of trash), of which only 5% are recycled. Let's take a global stand against…Read More

Ban Toxic Plastic Chemical BPA from Food & Drink Containers

Hello Cause Community, I recently signed this petition to ban the toxic chemical BPA and wanted to share it with you. The organization Plastic Pollution Coalition launched the campaign to protect our health and the environment. BPA can be found in plastic…Read More

Tell Three Businesses to Think Beyond Plastic

Hello Friends, I wanted to share with you this great pledge to help reduce plastic pollution. One effective way to reduce plastic waste is to encourage businesses to use less plastic in their packaging and distribution system. Take the pledge today,…Read More

Just say no to plastic

Hello Cause Community, I'm reaching out to you because you are part of the "Let's Use One Less Plastic Bag a Day" cause. We are launching a campaign to change consumer behavior about taking plastic bags when shopping at stores. Bringing your own bag is so…Read More

let's take one less plastic bag on this coming valentine's day!


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