Chicago TV Market - tomorrow night (March 9), Dave Savini at CBS 2 - undercover story about drive thru access for the deaf and hard of hearing

Watch CBS News Wednesday night at ten p.m. featuring Dave Savini and the challenges that deaf and hard of hearing people face in the drive thru. Read more about Dave Savini -

NAD Releases Memo on Accessible Drive-Through Services

Please read the statement put out by the National Association for the Deaf encouraging all restaurants to make their drive thru's accessible. Thank you for their…Read More

Sign for Deaf Drive thru?

Hey friends.... What would be a good sign for "Deaf Drive Thru"? Anyone have any idea or suggestion of one? SHare it with us! This will be FUN!!!

Host a night to celebrate Deaf Drive thru in Bloomington, IL's Culvers

We hope to host a night to celebrate Deaf Drive thru at Culvers on Hershey Road in Bloomington in the spring! Will announce more information soon! Wont you join us?

Drive Thru Clocks

Patrick Hughes just posted a photo to your cause, ( The restaurant industry is more focused on speed - this clock is designed to keep the traffic moving... Taking care of customers who…Read More

Culivers in Bloomington, IL on Hershey Rd

 Culivers has made a purchase to install the device that will allow anyone including Deaf and HOH people to use thier drive thru! HOW AWESOME IS THIS? Pls show your support to Culivers by taking your business there. Take a minute to tell them how much that…Read More

Message to Starbucks

Dana Greenlee Craig just posted a video to your cause, ( Dont tyou think we need to get Starbucks to work with us on this? Deaf chats are at Starbucks.....most of the time...... Deaf…Read More
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