In the Know with OCRF: Shaping up for summer, Super Saturday 14 and more

This summer, there are lots of ways to get in shape and support the cause at the same time. Check the link for information on joining SheROX for Team Hope to raise funds for ovarian cancer research, learn about the Runner's World Outrunning Cancer campaign,…Read More

LAST CHANCE to vote for Ovarian Cancer Research Fund in Chase Community Giving!

The deadline to vote is midnight tonight! If you have a connection to the ovarian cancer cause, this is a simple way to make a huge difference. Your vote could mean $20,000 for ovarian cancer…Read More

We have 600,000 ovarian cancer cause members, and only 2,000 votes...we need you now!

Ovarian Cancer Research Fund needs your vote in the Chase Community Giving Contest! With just over 2,000 votes, we are in 26th place. If even 1/10 of our cause members voted for OCRF, the effects would be tremendous. This is the perfect, quick and easy…Read More

Only 4 days left to win $500,000 for ovarian cancer research--We need your help!

  Do you think more funding is needed for ovarian cancer research? We do! There are only four days left to make Ovarian Cancer Research Fund the number one charity in the Chase Community Giving contest. We can't do it without your help! Right now, there…Read More

Help Ovarian Cancer Research Fund win $500,000 from Chase Community Giving. DEADLINE IS 5/25....VOTE AND SHARE TODAY!

Thank you for supporting Ovarian Cancer Research Fund in Round 1 of the Chase Community Giving contest! With your help and more than 700 Facebook votes, OCRF was awarded $25,000 from Chase and has advanced into Round 2. $25,000 will go a long way toward…Read More

We did it! Thank you for helping OCRF win $25,000 for ovarian cancer research!

  Congratulations...We did it!   Thank you for helping OCRF win $25,000 for research!   OCRF extends our deepest gratitude to our supporters for rallying friends, family and community to vote for ovarian cancer research in the Chase Community Giving…Read More

Help OCRF win $25,000 for ovarian cancer research by 11:59pm tonight!!

  Please help OCRF win $25,000 for ovarian cancer research by 11:59 p.m. tonight! Ovarian Cancer Research Fund is participating in the Chase Community Giving contest on Facebook and has an opportunity to win a $25,000 contribution to support ovarian cancer…Read More
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