Most of you, I am positive, utilize the "mail" in the normal pursuit of your daily "business", but for those who do not may I suggest: If we, as postal workers and unionists utilize the mail, while it may not generate the mail need for a recovery, it would…Read More

Fight the destruction of the USPS

July 13, 2010 Dear President Obama: Dear Representative Shea-Porter: Dear Senator Gregg: Dear Senator Shaheen: An amendment added to the Senate bill S. 1507 to provide temporary financial relief to the cash-strapped Postal Service was adopted by a Senate…Read More

Help stop the destruction of the united states postal SERVICE

Randy Zelznick Philadelphia, PA Area Local #89 Maintenance Craft Member, ET-10 - Wednesday, April 07, 2010 at 18:33:10 (CDT) From NPC Chairs Mark Case and Lance Coles: We completed our joint NALC/ APWU picket yesterday in front of the Asheville, NC Post…Read More

Help stop the destruction of the united states postal SERVICE

So the USPS is OVER charged for payments to the government to the tune of over THREE BILLION per year and now the USPS is slapped down for it's excessive discounts to large mailers. FIGHT THE DESTRUCTION OF THE USPS. More and better service is THE…Read More

Restore Democracy to the US Senate

Michael B Ganino Jr Channel your frustration into something positive: Join this cause and contact your senator(s)! http://apps.facebook.com/causes/417514/48175746


Rally to fight closure of Philadelphia L&DC, in NJ Gloucester County Dream Park, 460 US Rte 130 S., Logan Twp, NJ (Bpt) Nov 22, 2009 12 Noon Spkrs: Congressman Andrews, Sen Menendez, State Sen + Freehold Director Sweeney, a rep from Senator…Read More

Message from Union Sister, Patty Olson

I would encourage all to get on board. There is a big push from the MAILERS COUNCIL WHITE PAPERS, in their report to Congress to have S1507 pass. Taking away our bargaining rights to closing stations to a 5 day work week. Everyone PLEASE contact your Senators…Read More
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