Denver kills pitbulls everyday because of their breed, this is discrimination, cruel, and inhumane. We will get Denver to revoke the ban, in hopes of being able to own the most loyal breed.

Since 2005 a Denver city attorney Kory Nelson implemented a ban on pitbulls in hopes of lowering the amount of dog bites. Unfortunatley his approach is inhumane and cruel. Since he created this ban there have been over 2000 pitbulls taken from their homes and killed, stricly because of their breed. This is disctimination and shows no empathy towards the families who onced owned this amazing breed.

Pitbullls were once the mascot for the United States, they orginated back in the 1800's and were once known as the nanny dog because of their amazing instinct to protect children and the families. Pitbulls were used for many advertisments such as Coca-Cola. They were also the mascot for WW1 one inparticular Sergeant Stubby who was part of the 102nd infantry in WW1, Stubby was awarded many metals for bravery in combat. Pitbulls orginated from Bulldogs and Terriers and were immigrated into the US mainly from England. They were also the only dog to appear on the cover of life magazine 3 times.

Sadly because this breed has an urge to please they can be easily trained. Many people have used this in the wrong way, people train these dogs to fight which has created their bad repuation. The people who are training these dogs to fight are the ones the authorities need to seek out and ban. You can not hold a dog responsible for its actions if it was trained a certain way. The amazing thing about this is because of their willingness to please this breed can be rehabilitated into a calm submissive dog. Which means that just because a dog is trained to fight, does not mean it can not be re-trained to be a normal dog.

Something else that is interesting is that pitbulls are used all over California as search and rescue dogs, police K-9s, seeing eye dogs, and also handicap aide dogs. So tell me how it makes sense to ban this breed when clearly they are remarkable in their heoric actions towards humans. Despite how the dog is trained they continually have a love for humans, even if they were once abused.

Please help us get this ban revoked, and get people to understand that they have been brainwashed by the media and society. This breed in NOT born to fight, they are born to please humans... and its not their fault if they picked up by the wrong human.

We need to be the voice for them otherwise this killing spree will not end. It is really sad to think what our country is coming to. We are the United States, not the divided states, this means we need to unite together and stop this discrimination amongst one of Gods (dogs) creatures.

Please pass this on to everyone you know in hopes of achieving our goal. Your support is greatly appreciated.

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4. Please visit these websites in order to get more acquainted with this amazing breed. They once were the mascot for the US, now hated across the globe.