Impressed by all of you that have joined this cause!

Impressed, yes I am! I am impressed by the amount of people that have become members of Support Awareness for Rare Disorders facebook cause page. Currently at 671 members. That is truly impressive considering that it was initiated by a wonderful father…Read More

Almost 600 Members!!

Wow! We're almost to 600 members strong! Keep up the great work spreading the word and awareness! I say we shoot for 1000 members while we're at it! Thanks for your support Support Awareness For Rare Disorders

Another Angel called home...

... ALD has claimed another little angel last night, only 8 years old. Rest in peace Nathan, may ALD never touch you again as you are finally at rest... Nathan Shaeffer had so much more to give. Unfortunately, ALD finally won over him. He fought a strong…Read More

Over 400 Members!!

Wow! It's a great feeling to see that we are over 400 members strong now! I hope everyone is learning a lot about different rare disorders now. I know before I came to the Ronald McDonald House and had the chance to meet all of wonderful children and families…Read More

New Links

Hey everyone! Some new links have been posted. They are different stories of some wonderful and strong children fighting rare disorders. Please take a moment to check them out. Thanks!

Over 100 Members!

We're over 100 members! Great job everyone. Keep spreading the word and thank you for your support!
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