La Hermandad Family Week

Hello family, just wanted to let you know that the first offiical action has been scheduled, and will be beginning on monday, october 25th, 2009. Hopefully you will be able to take the time to review it, and consider joining us in our efforts to improve our…Read More

Welcome Family!

Greetings family name is Felicia Tolbert and I am one of the administrators of La Hermandad. I wanted to take the time to personally welcome and thank you for taking the first step in improving our communities! There is a quote by Mahatma Ghandi “Be…Read More

Greetings to the family...

Salutations, family... My name is Joe Black, and I am one of the admins of La Hermandad. It is my distinct pleasure to welcome you all into the family. By joining this cause, you recognize that it is past time for young people from all walks of life, all…Read More

The Growth of our Family

   We are growing so quickly, and it's wonderful to see that people, not just in our city, but across the globe want to support, and help other out. We are going to be great together, and I consider everyone who is apart of The Real La Hermandad brotherhood,…Read More

The 2nd Meeting

   Ok family, we are collecting ideas and researching plans to get out here and show we mean business. The second meting is going to be on October 29, 2009. We will be holding the meeting at my home again, so if you need directions or info, inbox me, Joseph…Read More

New Members

  Hello family, I am asking that you please make an effort to meet and greet our new members. We are fortunate to be increasing by numbers very quickly, and it is otally love. Please say hello, and make some new friends becasue we are all family. L.H.

Meeting Reminder

Wassup family, just wanted to wish everyone a beautiful and safe weekend, and remind everyone about the meeting on tuesday evening, october 20th, 2009. I hope everyone can make it, and that we can start laying a foundation for extraordinary things. L.H.
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