Do motorist speed and drive recklessly through your neighborhood?

Share your stories of how motorist drive fast and or recklessly through your neighborhood on the Kids dart. Drive smart. causes page discussion board. Do you have a street that needs speed bumps in your neighborhood and the city won't put them in? Put your…Read More

Invite others to join the cause!

Please invite your friends and family to the Kids dart. Drive smart. cause page. You can help make a difference by creating awareness for the Kids dart. campaign. You can feature this cause on your home facebook page by clicking the feature cause link on the…Read More

Pick up your Kids dart. yard signs!!!

Please come out to any of the locations listed on the Kids dart. webpage ( to pick up your Kids dart. yard signs. We will also be passing them out at our pavilion and tents at the State Fair. Know that these signs are provided at no cost to…Read More
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