combat childhood obesity and to encourage long-term health by altering the way children understand, appreciate and eat their food.


The Recipe for Success Foundation is dedicated to combatting childhood obesity by changing the way children understand, appreciate and eat their food.

Programs include
-Seed-to-Plate Nutrition Education™ (TM) puts children in touch with the entire food cycle and introduces them to the culture of food while integrating nutritional messages within other curricula like math, science, social studies and language arts.

-Chefs in Schools™, matches volunteer professional chefs with 4th grade classrooms. Currently over 45 of Houston's finest chefs participate in programs for 650 fourth graders.

-Recipe Gardens™ ranging in size from 150 sq feet to 1/2 acre are built in elementary schools where RFS offers a food-based garden curriculum for Pre-K-5th graders taught by our own Garden instructors working with teachers and volunteers.

-Eat This!™ & Dig It!™ after-school programs tailored to every grade level with empowering healthy eating messages, engage the children in effective experiential learning in the kitchen and garden.

-Eat This! Summer Camp™ introduces 4th and 5th graders to the power of marketing. They learn how food is marketed to them, the difference between promotional messaging and fact, and tactics for sales and positioning; then they are tasked with developing a healthy food product from their own gardens and bringing it all the way to market.

-The Dish, a web-based newsletter and research site and an extensive schedule of public speaking, events, seminars and presentations are implemented by RFS in order to reach out to a broader community and empower parents, teachers and activists with the information they need to make a difference in the fight against childhood obesity.

New programs under way include:

Eat it! Food Adventures cookbook and adventure story for children will debut on bookshelves nationwide in the fall of 2009.

-Hope Farms™, an urban organic farm which will bring much-needed healthy produce to at-risk communities. (Spring 2010)

-Eat It! Food Adventures™, a PBS cooking show hosted by an eclectic group of children and Chef Randy Evans of Haven Restaurant. (Fall 2009)

1. Introducing children to their food from seed to plate is a proven tactic for changing the way they eat for life.

2. Good food can be fun.

3. Children need to learn that healthy food does not come from drive-through windows or packaged in cellophane.

4. There are hundrends of well-researched programs available to parents and teachers, but these overwhelmed care providors and educators do not have the