To provide sources of clean water to people in Haiti

Haiti is a beautiful country filled with beautiful people and great possibilities. Today, it is also a nation with more than 4 million people who have no access to clean water.

It usually falls to the youngest family members to retrieve water each day for the family. Too often, children must spend the day walking for water instead of going to school or parents must pay for water, disabling them from paying for their child's education. And the water they find may still bring illness to a family.

For $5,000, a local church in Haiti can build a well, and for about $2,000 they can build a cistern. Each clean water resource can — and will — affect the lives of hundreds to thousands of community members for years to come.

The goal is to put a fresh-water resource at 500 churches in Haiti. That would mean more than a million changed lives.

1 well X 1,000 people X 500 churches = 500,000 changed lives.

Imagine the church becoming the place where people come for both the literal and spiritual water of life.

For more info: www.haitiwaterproject.com

1. More than 4 million people in Haiti don't have access to clean water. It doesn't have to be that way.

2. Clean Water = Good

3. $1 gives 1 person clean water for 1 year