Prevent any form of post election violence in Kenya come the 2012 General elections

I will not fight you,my fellow kenyan,come 2012 General Elections,no matter what happens.
The post election violence experienced in Kenya in early 2008 is one of the darkest moments in Kenya's history.Neighbour turned against neighbour due to selfish interests from our politicians.Innocent blood was shed and nothing will ever justify this loss of innocent lives.Homes were burnt down,property lost and thousands of innocent kenyans were internally displaced.
We all pray to God that such an event does NOT EVER RECUR in our beloved country.
I would like you my friend,to join me in this noble cause of uniting Kenyans,and say NEVER again shall we turn against our neighbours and leave these mind games to our politicians.

1. Promote peace in our country,Kenya

2. Shan tribalism

3. Love thy neighbour