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Buy Textbooks (or Anything) on Amazon and help Promote Africa!

If you already plan on using Amazon for your textbook needs this semester, make sure to head to and use the Amazon search bar on the left to help promote Namibia's economic and educational development

As an Amazon affiliate, Promote Africa receives 10% of the cost from any purchase made on Amazon directed from our website.

Considering the high cost of textbooks, that 10% will be put to a much greater use by our community development projects in Namibia than by some money-hungry publisher.

If your a frequent buyer from Amazon, you should bookmark since Promote Africa receives 10% from any purchase, not just textbooks! Search any item from our site and 10% of all your purchases will go to communities in need.

As always, we appreciate your continued support.


Kevin Little
Literature Director
Promote Africa, Inc.

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