ESSAY: Love in the Time of Ebola

Overpopulation, ecosystem loss, climate change, and Ebola itself are all growing exponentially. The human family must come together now to stop Ebola in West Africa or risk a global pandemic that could potentially kill billions – even as we commit post-Ebola…Read More

SHORT ESSAY: Ebola a Symptom of Ecological and Social Collapse

The global environment is collapsing and dying under the weight of inequitable over-population and ecosystem loss Deep ecology essay from Dr. Glen Barry, EcoInternet, "We learn the meaning of enough and how to share or it is…Read More

VICTORY: Welcome Baby Steps by Greenpeace and FSC on Ending Old-Growth Forest Logging

Reflections upon having taken on Greenpeace and other lesser FSC old-growth logging apologists over their greenwash of old-growth forest logging and winning, and why 66% is the next 350. “First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight…Read More

URGENT! Demand Forest Stewardship Council Stop Greenwashing Old-Growth Forest Logging

TAKE ACTION HERE NOW: The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) claims to certify the sustainability of forest management. Yet FSC greenwashes industrial scale old-growth forest logging - across an area two times the size of Texas…Read More

Action Alert: Wisconsin $700,000 Gogebic Mining Bribe Worthy of Further Investigation

BREAKING NEWS: $700K paid by mine developers to Gov. Walker campaign before approved Take action for Earth here together: The huge Gogebic iron ore mine is proposed in the Penokee Hills poised above Lake Superior, and could…Read More

Forest Alert: Demand India Protect Mahan Forest and Global Climate from Coal

By a project of EcoInternet August 29, 2014 TAKE ACTION to protect India's climate and forests from coal: This week’s decision by India’s top court that coal field allocation for the…Read More

Action Alert: Only a Couple Days to Support European Union Labeling of Tar Sands as Highly Polluting

ACTION ALERT – ONLY A COUPLE DAYS TO TAKE ACT & FORWARD Support European Union Labeling of Tar Sands as Highly Polluting By ClimateArk, a project of Ecological Internet, February 21, 2012 TAKE ACTION TO STOP TAR…Read More
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