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Forest Alert: Demand India Protect Mahan Forest and Global Climate from Coal


By a project of EcoInternet
August 29, 2014

TAKE ACTION to protect India's climate and forests from coal:

This week’s decision by India’s top court that coal field allocation for the past 16 years has been illegal offers a chance for Earth’s largest democracy to start fresh by canceling illegal coal leases, particularly those that threaten intact natural ecosystems important to villagers like the Mahan forest. India’s “Coalgate” is an opportunity for India to begin the transition to a clean energy and restoration ecology economy.

LIST NOTE: Please send the protest tweets if you can as they increase the protest effectiveness, but it is not necessary. If you uncheck the send tweet box, then you are still sending protest emails as we have done together successfully for decades. Please make a donation as our ability to continue our vital work together is at stake.

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