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ALERTS! End Old Growth Temperate Rainforest Logging in Alaska’s Tongass National Forest (and Brazil forest code update)



TAKE ACTION to protect Tongass’ temperate rainforests

It is time to end US old-growth logging, most of which exists in Alaska’s Tongass National Forest. Please urge the federal government to see the salmon and ecosystems through the dwindling old-growth trees for timber, and shift the focus from logging to an ecological protection economy in Earth’s largest temperate rainforest. With only 0.5% of Tongass’s old-growth remaining – the last areas still containing very large 300-800 year old trees – it is unconscionable that the United States of America continues with proposals to log these last tiny patches. If proposals to further log Tongass’ last old forests advance, it further clearly illustrates the United States has zero international credibility on issues of primary forest protection, climate change, and policy to achieve global ecological sustainability.


Brazilian Forest Code Revisions Threaten Amazon Rainforest, National Advancement, and Ecological Sustainability

The Brazilian Congress has passed the forest code changes, threatening to further open the Amazon to agricultural development. This is our last chance to appeal to President Dilma for a veto. People from 113 countries have already sent 798,042 protest emails with Ecological Internet. You will immediately be forwarded to this alert. Please send and share it widely as this gutting of Amazon protections must be stopped, and there is a matter of only hours or days before the final decision is made.

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