Works globally to end primary forest logging and other industrial diminishment, and to promote ecological restoration of old-growth forests

Ecological Internet is committed to a complete cessation of industrial development in the world's remaining primary and old-growth forests. The world's last large and mostly natural forest landscapes are crucial repositories of biological diversity, ecosystem services, evolutionary potential and spiritual awe. We publicize the ecological destruction and social harm which results when ancient forests are harvested for the first time, and highlight alternatives to liquidating ecosystems that are millions of years old for humanity's wood and fiber needs. We work for full protection for all remaining ancient forests, the only exception being small-scale eco-forestry activities by indigenous and local peoples traditionally dependent upon these forest habitats. Our targets include governments, industry and other environmental groups pursuing reform and certification of "sustainable forestry" practices in old-growth forests. We also work to eliminate other industrial threats to old forests including an emphasis upon industrial agrofuels. The Forests.org and Rainforest Portal web sites are dedicated to protecting all of the Earth's remaining ancient forests - first and foremost by ending ancient forest logging.

1. End primary forest logging as keystone response to biodiversity and climate crises

2. Help local forest dependent peoples to earn a living from standing forests

3. Assist current forest fragments and young forests to regain spatially extensive, old growth status