Taiji Update...

The momentum has gone global. Please help keep the pressure on! JB http://savejapandolphins.org/blog.html


URGENT ACTION NEEDED!!!!!!!! Hello All! Welcome new members!!! Broome, Australia is holding a meeting tomorrow to consider reversing its decision to sever sister city ties with Taiji. If they do, the slaughter will likely continue. Tell them to stand…Read More

Ric O'Barry will be Live and online TOMORROW!!!!

 Hello, all... Welcome new members!! We are almost 1500 strong!!! FLASH! Ric O'Barry, the main character in The Cove will be online tomorrow, Sept 29th, at 2pm PST....5pm Eastern... to answer some of your questions. The link…Read More

Facebook Bots...Taiji update-Dolphins Freed .....Tokyo Film Festival Caves In

Hello , all, Welcome new members!  I apologize for the delay in this announcement but Facebook blocked me last week from sending messages. As many of you know, I have tried to send out personal 'thank you' messages to many new members. Well, the Facebook bots…Read More

Dolphin Slaughter at Taiji SUSPENDED!!!!!!!!!

Hello, all... Welcome new members!! Well, friends, the pressure is working ...and collectively we are growing stronger!! We are now approaching 800 members...and growing. Thanks to you, we are becoming an army worthy of notice... from smalltown, USA...the…Read More

The Cause is Growing: The Cove in NYC tonight: Japan Press Breakthrough

Hello all... Welcome new members! Our cause is growing! Our online Facebook status has been bumped up to "Squad" with over 5oo members ...and growing! Thanks to all of you! Just a quick update... I'll be at the 7:45PM screening of The Cove tonight at the…Read More

Aussie Town of Broome Drops Taiji as Sister Town

Hello, all! A big welcome to all our new members! I just thought that you might be interested in the latest development. Here's the headline: Broome to dump Taiji as sister city over dolphin slaughter For the full story…Read More
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