Abolish extreme poverty worldwide by mobilizing the idealism and talents of today's students.

The Alliance of Students Against Poverty (ASAP) is a campaign to abolish extreme poverty worldwide by mobilizing the idealism and talents of today's students.

ASAP’s message is this:

-Over 1/6 of humanity lives in extreme poverty or on less than $1/day.

-The resources and practical solutions needed to eradicate extreme poverty by the year 2025 are currently available.

-$1/day donation over the course of one year will mobilize one family out of extreme poverty.

ASAP’s goals are to:

1. Mobilize the world’s students into an alliance against extreme poverty.
2. Build awareness throughout the world about those living in extreme poverty.
3. Raise funds through a $1/day pledge campaign for those living on less than $1/day.
4. Provide internships and other opportunities for students to witness extreme poverty firsthand and work with peers, as well as professionals, in the developing world.
5. Fund existing organizations that successfully reach and serve the world’s poorest families.

In order to accomplish these goals, thousands of students will organize themselves into ASAP Chapters and Clubs at universities and high schools worldwide. Their mission is two-fold: 1) raise awareness about extreme poverty and what is being done to facilitate its eradication and 2) enlist two million Americans to reduce their current consumption by $1/day, donate this savings to those living on less than $1/day and sustain this donation ($30/month or $360/year) until 2025.

We invite you to:

1. Go to www.asap2025.org today and become a member of ASAP and pledge $1/day for those living on less than $1/day. This means giving up one soft drink each day or two specialized coffee drinks per week, which over one year would help mobilize at least one family on the path out of extreme poverty.

2. Start an ASAP Chapter at your university and encourage your friends to do the same.

3. Forward this message onto everyone you know.

ASAP knows that we, as a world, can end extreme poverty by the year 2025.

ASAP knows the world's youth will play a leading role in putting poverty where it belongs, in our textbooks.

1. There is no place for extreme poverty--poverty that kills--in our world today.