John Ray Wilson was denied the option of a medical use or personal use of maijuana defense

John Ray Wilson is a 37 year old Somerset County man who lives with Multiple Sclerosis.

Seventeen marijuana plants were found growing behind his house and he is now facing 20 years in prison. Wilson admits using cannabis to treat his MS.

Scientific data has shown that marijuana helps slow the progression of MS and effectively treats the associated symptoms such as muscle spatisity and pain.

On July 27, 2009 NJ Superior Court Judge Robert Reed wrote, "When judges appropriate legislative pronouncements and executive prerogatives, they demean those branches of government, and diminish the stature of the courts," Reed wrote. "If medical marijuana use is to be recognized as an exemption to our criminal law, the legislative process must produce that result. This court will not do so."

There is a bill before New Jersey lawmakers currently, S119/A804. For more information please visit www.cmmnj.org

1. 13 states allow the use of medical cannabis for MS

2. Marijuana has been shown to slow the progression of MS

3. John Ray Wilson would qualify under S119/A804, pending medical marijuana legislation in NJ

4. http://www.cmmnj.org