Stop the World...

To my libertarian friends, I'm probably going on political hiatus for a long while. I don't see any solutions on the horizon, as I am convinced a third party is the only answer, and that's unfortunately still a very unpopular view. We seem to be locked into…Read More

Thanksgiving thanks to those who attended!

The NGSD Rally November 7th was a very warm-spirited event--when people gather together in celebration of anything so far removed from the thought processes of the sheep herd, I feel, there is a sort of instantaneous group camaraderie. I truly enjoyed the…Read More

National Government Sucks Day Rally May be Bigger than Expected

The National Government Sucks Day Rally appears to be picking up a great deal of last-minute publicity, and shaping up to be a much bigger event than we initially expected. We are getting ready for what will likely be a large gathering with near-perfect…Read More

Announcement - Saturday Nov. 7th Schedule

SCHEDULE: Karen DeCoster - 11 AM Pat Dixon - 12:45 PM Robert Butler - 1: 15 PM Mary Ruwart - 2 PM R. Lee Wrights - 2:45 PM Kevin Tuma - 3:30 PM John Jay Myers - 4 PM Steve Nichols - 4: 30 PM John Spivey - 5 PM Panel Discussion: Future of the…Read More

National Government Sucks Day Rally in One Week!

Full steam ahead--our weather outlook is very good...temperate, sunny, and mild, with no autumn rainfall. Karen De Coster will kick off the speaking at 11 AM, to be followed, in the early afternoon by Mary Ruwart and R. Lee Wrights. Additional speakers from…Read More

National Government Sucks Day on Lew

Special thanks to Keynote Speaker Karen DeCoster, for her blog promotion of National Government Sucks Day on Lew The event is firmed up and ready to go.

One Month until the Hillsboro Rally

  The great tea party for libertarians is on! To be held in the village square of Middlefaire Renaissance Festival in Hillsboro, Texas. Keynote speakers: Karen DeCoster, Mary Ruwart, and R. Lee Wrights. Special Event by Kevin Tuma: "The Kangaroo Court…Read More
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