A sincere thank you to all who have joined our cause. It has been brought to our attention that some of you have simply joined our cause but have not actually taken the pledge to a world of forgiveness. In order to actually shift the energy and make this a…Read More

Take the Pledge...

Take the Pledge A World Of Forgiveness by 2012 IT'S FREE! I pledge: To freely offer forgiveness instead of criticism, condemnation or judgment to myself and others; To create a space for everyone to be exactly who they are; and To accept that everything that…Read More

Radical Forgiveness

If we let go of the pain, anger and mistrust of the past, we could experience a life of abundance and prosperity. We must accept that everything happens in Divine order, and that God is good all the time. And if God is good all the time, then what we…Read More

August 2, 2009 is International Forgiveness Day

Join Rev. Sheila Gautreaux-Lee this Sunday, August 2, 2009 @ Christ Unity Church as we begin the campaign for world transformation. We are seeking 1 million pledges for a World of Forgiveness by 2012. Take the pledge starting August 2nd.
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