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Another great day!

Hello everyone! I just wanted to update you all on William and his health. That he definitely has right now!!!!
He is a healthy 24.5 pounds and quite a chubby little monkey. He is eating really well orally, but still can't handle liquids. He has been bumped up to a toddler formula, which threw me at first because he is not toddling...but is definitely big enough to now! He does still love to stand and to jump with his dad. He is more active than ever now, he is hearing more, seeing more and reacting more everyday!
So yesterday we went to his neurologists thinking we'd be booking him in for a surgery some day soon. They showed us the MRI and explained the great things that they are seeing! Will has a few cysts that were putting alot of pressure on his brain stem, which was a very dangerous thing. NOW, the MRI shows the brainstem looking thicker and larger! Meaning that the cysts are not pushing against it as bad! Not only that, but the cysts themselves actually look smaller!! ALSO, there is brain tissue visible that was not visible on the last even though they say that brain tissue cannot grow back - it sure looks like it is! Our little miracle boy continues his work!!!!
Obviously we always stay cautiously optimistic. The doctor even gave us the usual disclaimer of "of course Will's MRI is still very abnormal," just to keep us grounded. LOL.
The good news is that there is no longer a rush, or even a need to go back into OR anytime soon!!!! They actually said we don't need to see him until his birthday unless we have an issue!! Life is grand! They gave him the okay to travel, so we can head out east this summer.
There is truly so much more to health then medicine folks! William is our proof of that! The one thing that I love is that every time someone says it's impossible (including myself), William proves them wrong! Murray Bolding would have said "You show em boy!" and William is doing just that!
SORRY to go on, and on, and get all mushy too. But life is good, and I want to share that with all of you!

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