Hopes for quick and easy surgery and recovery

Hey Everyone, It's been a very long time since an update, because we've had a very healthy little boy for over a year now! He is a big 2 year old boy and we could not be prouder of him. He has been getting feeling sick randomly every week or two for the past…Read More

no more tubes!

Last week Will had his NG tube removed and replaced with a spanking new button. He is still being tube fed but is doing very well with his oral feedings. We were told to cut back on his food cause he was gaining too much weight. Apart from that he is growing…Read More

Another great day!

Hello everyone! I just wanted to update you all on William and his health. That he definitely has right now!!!! He is a healthy 24.5 pounds and quite a chubby little monkey. He is eating really well orally, but still can't handle liquids. He has been bumped…Read More

Latest News!

Hello Will lovers! William has started this year off with some serious teething! He is up to about 10 and working on more. We just got back from the Stollery Children's Hospital where William had an MRI done under sedation. He was an all-star as usual and we…Read More

Will will be 1!

Hello everyone! I know it's been a while since we updated...William has had wonderful summer! He is now over 18pounds and 28inches tall. We are currently in the hospital for a small surgery that will give him a G-tube. This is a tube that goes directly into…Read More

Will's news

Hello everyone! I just wanted to write an update because Will has finally spent more time out of the hospital than in! It's a celebration for us. He is doing more and more everyday. After his stay at the Stollery and all the surgery's he had there we have…Read More

Will's next step

Hello everyone! William is back home from his "visit" to the hospital. He is now sporting a brand new shunt which drains the excess fluid from his head (hydrocephalus). He has never known relief from this constant pressure since he was very very tiny. So…Read More
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