Stop going to Dolphins show that's cruel

Dolphina is a captive dolphin park in sharm. These dolphins are very poorly treated and you should avoid visiting this place at all costs. Swimming with the dolphins is offered here which at first may seem like a fun idea to take to kids but you could in fact be putting your health at serious risk as the tiny pool is rarely cleaned and the water full of excrement, never mind what the dolphins are putting up with. Marine connections are working hard to stamp out this cruelty. two beluga wales were being held in captivity here also but after a lot of hard work fighting to have them freed they were eventually taken out of the park. unfortunately this was just too late for one of the beluga wales which died not long after as a result of its poor upkeep.
Dolphina's false claims are ob surd and untrue, with signs that read "Our sweet dolphins were born in a pool and they have never known sea life. They are like indoor pussy cats and if we tried to put them in the sea, they will die because now they are used to have consistent human care." It is FACT that at least one of these dolphins was WILD CAUGHT, not born in captivity as they state.
The conditions these poor dolphins are kept in breach just about every regulation in the book.
Most European travel companies have boycotted Dolphina as it has been pointed out to them the extreme conditions, but as yet there is still a fight to have this place closed for good.

You can help by avoiding Dolphinella or Dolphina both are the same place. If your travel company is advertising trips to dolphina do not be afraid to bring up these problems in your meeting with the travel rep, as they may be unaware. The more people who tell, the more companies will avoid.

I am not saying this to tell people what they should and shouldn't do, obviously the choice is yours in the end, but i hope that i have made you more aware of what goes on in this place.

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