ALL registered sex offenders should be seen by everyone, even though some are only seen by law enforcement.

I was recently informed of having the option of having a child molester be reistered in the sex offender registry as public or private. If it is private, ONLY law enforcement will see the information, if it is public EVERYONE has access to the information. We, as parents, caregivers to young children, and friends of people of young children deserve to know who lives in our neighborhoods. This information should not be private.

1. Every parent should know if a sex offender is in their neighborhood.

2. Parents should be notified off all "hidden" sex offenders in their neighborhood.

3. Sexual assault victims, although traumatized by what happened to them should NOT have the option to have only law enforcement monitor the offender.

4. Putting the offender openly on the register could prevent a future crime from occurring.