For the Australian Government To Protect Australia's Brumbies

Every year the Australian Government orders the culling of Australia's wild horses - the Brumbies. The horses are cruelly shot from helicoptors - no moving animal can be humanely killed from a moving platform - each horse is riddled with bullets and die and agonising death and foals are left to starve to death next to their ead or dying dams. Charities and interest groups are calling on the Government to stop aerial culling and provide Government protection for these horses - they are decendants of horses that carried men into war, carried their kids to school and help shape this nation to what it is today. The Government labels them as pests, but they are anything but. They deserve protecttion and to have their number humanely controlled using a fertility drug called PZP. They should be given land to sustain populations and maintain their valuable gene pool.

1. Brumbies should be Government protected

2. Their number should be humanely controlled using a fertility drug called PZP

3. Government land should be used to provide a safe haven for brumbies to live in sustained populations