Baltimore City Fire Dept. Petition

We have a little bit over 300 names on our petition. There are well over 6,500 that joined the cause here on facebook, obviously quite a bit of you have not signed it, 6408 to be exact at this time. Please sign our petition at:…Read More

News story

I'm sure if you saw 11 news today, you may have noticed that the city is now trying to either take away jobs or time from its emergency services. I was unable to find the story online, but there are more budget cuts coming and it looks like they are going to…Read More


Buffalo Fire Department Lt. Charles (Chip) W. McCarthy Date of Hire: 4/20/1987 Stationed at: Rescue 1/3rd Platoon FF Jonathan Croom Date of Hire: 4/26/1999 Stationed at: L-7/2nd Platoon

Chief told to come up with excuses

Reading my paper this morning, I found a very interesting article. The chief was told by the higher up's to come up with some sort of lame excuse to justify closing firehouses. There is no valid excuse for closing firehouses, so it seems pointless to do so.…Read More

BCFD Petition

Congratulations everyone we reached just over the 2,100 mark of members on facebook. Unfortunately we only have about 130 names on the petition. If you have not signed it already please stop by and do so. If you travel through or are planning to this affects…Read More

Please sign the BCFD Petition

Be sure to stop by and sign the petition, it only takes a minute. We have almost 700 Friends on facebook, but only about 50 signatures. It takes a bunch to get anything done so every person counts. Remember you may sign and be anonymous. Here is the link:…Read More

Truck 2 closed its doors

The most recent unit to be disbanded is Truck Co. 2 which has a long history in the Fire Dept as do many others that were disbanded.
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