How much monthly are you ready to pay for a 24/24 hours electricity for an average house of five-per

0-50 usd (12% people answered this) 50-100 usd (43% people answered this) 100-150 usd (18% people answered this) more than 150 usd provided it comes constantly (25% people answered this) 32 people voted. Gather people so we can go marche on…Read More

Let us support our cause with statistics!

Long ago with no updates, for unfortunately there is little to update with no changes of the electricity blackouts dark status quo. Yes, news break about the contract employees at the EDL company striking for days and weeks; about a retreat of 90% in the…Read More

The New Lebanese Anthem ... Possibly

At the devastating rate of 2 hours a day, this could very possibly be our next national anthem... Photo better resolution link:

توتة توتة … ما كانت تخلص الحدوتة

قصة لبنانية ... قصتها كتير بسيطة. هني ما صارلهم مزوجين إلا شو سنتين. يعني، بعد بيتقبلوا شوية رومانسية. بيقعدوا عالشموع. بيحكوا مع بعض مباشرة –أحياناً- من دون التليفون والكومبيوتر، وبعدها بتهتم ببيتها، بتطبخ وبتغسل وبتكوي … أول ما فرشوا بيتهم افتكروا أنه من…Read More

Get Heated!:..Summer blackout schedule starts with four additional hours!

In a very controversial press release, EDL announced that i preparation to summer, and because of the situation in Tripoli, blackout hours increased by four hours daily in all areas except Beirut (where blackouts are only for three hours…Read More


Back to the summer schedule! Summer Schedule = 6 to 8 hours of Electricity per day = 2 to 4 hours of Traffic per day .... I know we're on the verge of War. = We have bigger issues I know we should be positive. = We have to smile and be nice to the tourists.…Read More

The happy 6000!!

Hello! Just wanted to share that I'm thrilled we're already 6000 on this cause. Hopefully we'll be able to do something out of it. (Just think positive) :) For now I would love to hear some of your personal stories on: - The danger of electricity cuts. -…Read More
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