The Cross River Gorilla Campaign is a collaborative effort protecting the Cross River gorilla, Africa’s most endangered great ape, by establishing new conservation areas in close collaboration with local communities.

The Cross River Gorilla, with fewer than 300 individuals estimated to exist in the wild, and just a single identified member in captivity, is the most endangered of the gorilla subspecies. It is listed by the IUCN as Critically Endangered.

Causes only supports beneficiaries from the US and Canada at this time but this will change soon. For now, in order to make donations please visit http://www.crossrivergorilla.org/index.php/en/conservation/donate-now

1. http://www.crossrivergorilla.org

2. http://www.africanconservation.org

3. http://www.erudefconservation.org

4. http://artsavingwildlife.org