University Auto is tryin to shut down the bar due to a property line dispute in regards to our patio. Please help us to keep our urban oasis and Veterans Memorial alive for the community to enjoy.

True to its Detroit roots, this unique Cass Avenue institution has served “The Cass Corridor” (a.k.a Midtown) and been called home by everyone from college students to retirees since 1979. Through the hard work and dedication of the owner Danny Overstreet, Julie Flynn, staff and friends, the Old Miami evolved from a local bar to a lush, relaxing oasis in the city. A 1 acre backyard was restored to provide a peaceful place to have a drink and now doubles as a memorial to one of our most important national treasures, United States Veterans. Unfortunately not everyone agrees with the long overdue gentrification of the area. A dispute with a neighboring business has come to a head and now we are in jeopardy of losing this place of tranquility and respect. Although we always welcome new businesses to the area in hopes of stimulating our lagging economy, there has been some dispute over a fence line and though we would prefer to unite and support each other, “University Auto” has chosen to deal with this situation legally. Therefore forcing us to take a stance and the reason we are asking you to sign this petition. So please, show your support for your rights and your neighborhood by signing and…save the Old Miami!!!

1. It use to be a city owned alley full of transients and trash.

2. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Detroit-MI/The-Old-Miami/94749862527?ref=ts

3. Please sign!!!!!