Dad is Home

 Dad was discharged from the hospital Saturday September 26, after a 10 day stay. I will be staying here for a few days at least to help him and my Mom get used to their new routine and help them catch up on a few things. This morning he is at his 1st…Read More

Difficulties with Dialysis

 I just wanted to post an update on Dad's condition. He's experiencing a lot of pain with his dialysis treatments which resulted in a short session today. He is extremely depressed and despondent. He is having some hallucinations which we hope is merely…Read More

Dialysis has Begun

Thanks to everyone for your thoughts and prayers. Dad(Ron Meek) had to have surgery yesterday to put a port into his neck because the more permanent one in his arm has to be raised within his arm before it can be used. He had his first dialysis treatment this…Read More


 Please pray for my father-in-law and our family. Ron Meek was admitted to the hospital today and will begin Dialysis in the morning. We were not expecting this to happen quite so soon. We thank everyone that has joined us in this cause, your thoughts and…Read More
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