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Dear Vote Pro-life Coalition Member,

This week, the Vote Pro-life Coalition will announce in a press release the “Voter Registration Sundays” for 2010 (March 14, May 23, July 4, September 12).

This is an effort to encourage Churches and other organizations to urge the people in their ranks and at their events to register to vote. Such a reminder can be particularly important if people have moved and need to update their registration.

This effort involves:

a)A reminder of the importance to register to vote;
b)Providing people with state by state information about registration deadlines for both primary and general elections;
c)Reassuring people of the legality of Churches and other 501(c)(3) organizations to conduct non-partisan voter registration drives;
d)Guidance on what makes a voter registration drive “non-partisan”;
e)And concrete assistance and resources to have a successful voter registration effort.
We will send you the release before it goes to the media. Can you prepare to send it out in whatever ways you deem appropriate, at least by posting it on your website?

Also, we would like to create a short video on the urgent necessity of voting. Would you be willing to send me a video clip in which you give a short message on this theme? If so, just let me know of your willingness ([email protected]), and I will provide you with further guidance on what points we need you to make. The video would be promoted heavily online in various ads.

Blessings, and thanks for being part of the Coalition!
Fr. Frank Pavone

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