Richard is back :)

Everybody, As of yesterday sometime, Richard has finally re-gained control of his account and can once again post on his page. Did we make this happen? Maybe. Although it is great to see Richard back on Facebook, we still never got an answer to why. Why did…Read More

Richard to speak at The Concious Life Expo - Feb 13 - LAX Hilton

Richard C. Hoagland will be speaking on February 13th from 9-11 PM at The Los Angeles Conscious Life Expo, being held from Feb.12-14 at the LAX Hilton. Richard's presentation is titled... "At Last … a Change in NASA’s 50-Year Dark Mission" Click here to go…Read More

Update on Richard's status and personal request

We are up to 450 members, even though we have had a lack of activity on my end as far as keeping everyone in touch. I apologize for this. As with most people, I am dealing with the effects of our countries misfortunes, and have had more personal business to…Read More

Interesting Blog

Hi all I just stumbled across an interesting Blog that goes into detail as to what might have triggered or caused Richard Hoagland to be censored. It's not that big and is quite interesting to read. Its not the first or last time, but the people at FB that…Read More

Other cause members censored by Facebook

A member of our group by the name of Laurance Robinson sent me a message the other day. He feels he was a victim of this meaningless censorship on Facebook as well. "Well i was posting news stories like i do on a few of the groups im a member of and then i…Read More

New alternate page for Richard

A new group has been started by RCH called "The Final Frontier" with an aim at ending the censorship of Mr Hoagland. The page is aimed at letting members know where find the next Richard C Hoagland fan page if Richard loses the original. Please click the link…Read More


Well done Paul and to all members! We are getting bigger by the day. Lets spread the word and add another big fat ZERO onto that 250! Thanks all!
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