Jupins Law

I won't send many of these out but this one I think is very important. I have included a link and a description for the Group Jupins Law.

The goal of this group is to support a change in the current Massachusetts law. To allow a provision in the law that a person who is found "legally" insane, can still be found responsible for there actions. "Guilty But Insane". Over a dozen of other states has this law on the books.

The situation that caused me to start this group follows. Friend and co-worker, Officer Larry Jupin and I were on duty. I had questioned a man wearing camouflage around mid-night of May 10, 1999. I had been on a motor vehicle stop and the man walked towards me and my cruiser. That man, Jason Rivers, was wanted for a parole violation. Rivers ran and Officer Jupin and I chased him. After chasing him 1500 feet or so into the dense woods Rivers drew a gun in the direction of Officer Jupin. Rivers unloaded his gun, hitting Officer Jupin three out of four shots and missing me with the other two. Officer Larry was able to return fire, hitting Rivers in the stomach. The firing of shots was over in seconds. Larry laid wounded with multiple gun shot wounds. After a short recovery period Officer Jupin suffered a blood clot that caused him to go into a coma for over two years. This once athletic well built man had become the size of a child before he died of the complications.

On September 1, 2009 Jason Rivers was found "Not guilty due to being insane." With this finding. Jason Rivers could be walking the streets in a very very short time. Medication is the only thing keeping Rivers from ever going over the edge again.

There was no doubt that Rivers killed Officer Jupin. This was repeated at the trial and was pretty much common knowledge. Massachusetts law does not allow for someone to be found guilty but insane. We need to change this. Contact your local legislature and District Attorney's Office to support and help enact change. Before someone else gets away with murder.

Be Safe
~ Todd

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