Develop Passionate Followers of Christ

San Diego has 3 million people, 6 million when counting the southern parts into Tijuana, less than 6% of them do not attend an evangelical church, and over half the population have no religious affiliation at all. There are over 250 thousand college students entering the most defining point of their lives and with statistics like these we have an epidemic on our hands.
Our mission is guided by the desire to see people grow in a relationship with Jesus Christ and make a difference in this world for him. We believe people who are passionate about following Jesus will make the most impact for Him. We desire to help people take their next step in becoming more like Jesus as they seek to live the life of adventure that He offers to those who follow Him.
Our desire is for the church to be the most irresistible force on the planet. We want to create environments intentionally that are appealing, driven by excellence, and Christ-centered. We will place emphasis on each environment within our church to be strategically designed to reach its target audience. We desire to shatter the typical stereotype that church is boring and irrelevant for people’s lives. We want people to know that the church has hope for broken lives and true biblical application for life in today’s culture.
Elevate is a new community of faith that is located in the San Diego area. We plan to officially launch in the Fall of 2008.
Elevate is a place for people who are not perfect.
Experience the passion and join the adventure at Elevate.

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We are applying for non-profit status right now!

1. Develop Passionate Followers of Christ

2. Connect people to Christ through irresistible environments.

3. To provide relief for the tragic fires, that have swept southern California

4. To provide a questioning generation, with a hope filled answer